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  • Surrounded by Hammocks






    There are two obscenely obese open patios in both the front and the back of Camp Supertramp, overlooking a tropical paradise in the front and charming farmland in the back. Chill with Monkeys, Birds, Cows, Horses, Goats, Iguanas and Squirrels.



    Dining, chatting, drinking, playing or working? The back porch has a kitchen, three dining tables, plenty of chairs to facilitate either a group or separate and private dining or working; the Wi-Fi reaches comfortably throughout the entire property. Of course the area is hooked up to the sound system, which switches of easily when you hit it with a rock or when you flip the switch.



    Swap the diner tables for comfortable seating; welcome to the front porch!

  • Safe Bet Policy








    We will go all out to make your stay at Camp Supertramp the stuff of dreams! If we, however, screw up a thing or two and you are not fully satisfied with your stay, we would love to hear from you  . . .


    . . . so we can knock 50% of your nights rate, use your feedback and fix the issue.


    We pride ourselves on close to 100% guest satisfaction.  If we fail to resolve the issue, you stayed for free.


    We appreciate your feedback!

  • Go the Extra Mile!




    IMG_0666 (1)




    Why not surround yourself with nature while in Costa Rica  ?



    Camp Supertramp is located less than a mile outside of the hustle and bustle that charming and lively Playa Samara brings. Follow the detailed description at the bottom of this site, follow the signs in town, find us on Google Maps or simply ask locals for the direction to “Playa Buena Vista”.


    Playa Buena Vista is an amazing surf beach and a natural wonder in itself. Halfway Samara and Buena Vista is where you’ll find us.


    And yes, the grass indeed is greener on our side of the fence!


    We keep it that way with pesticides. And humor.

  • We Got Your Back, Pack!






    We take safety very serious at Camp Supertramp and recommend everyone to wear a helmet between 9 am and 1 pm.


    Camp Supertramp is located in a very safe environment and there is a staff member at the premises around the clock. Nonetheless, peace of mind is what separates a great place from an amazing space; we have free lockers available to everyone, large enough to fit a day pack, laptop, wallet, and what not.


    Bring your own padlock or ask about ours.


  • Jungle Shower




    IMG_0685 (1)


    Surf was up? Or drinks went down? Hung loose or hung over? Our very private jungle shower makes everyone feel like a million Zimbabwan dollars, or so we’ve heard.


    We suck at mathematics.



  • True Facts About Camp Supertramp



    -Founded in 1798 by Theodore Supremetramp
    -It vows to always offer some of the cheapest beds around, while competing with five star hotels regarding facilities


    Find and  like us at Facebook for the full story, promo’s, helpful tips, hot gossip, lovely links and video’s of various animals wrestling


    Check it out.

  • Ding Dong. Who’s There?



    12246942_923630861063830_5065063313609928141_n (1)


    Aside from the letters v,a,c,t,i,o and n, nothing spells vacation like a game of Ping-Pong.


    So we build our own table, in the garden. Surrounded by exotic palms, flowers and other objects to hide the deplorable level of most games that are played in our arena.


    We look forward to losing a game or two to you!

  • Driftwood Bonfire Vortex





    Why set fire to the rain?!? We’re not saying we won’t ever, but al long as we have the hottest pitt in the world (Sorry, Brad) why not just make fire there..?.. and when it’s raining: we’ll put in the fireplace DVD and listen to jazzzzzzzzzzz…. or something else.


    You decide.


    We build a lounge-deck that doubles as a music- stage facing the fire, so don’t be too surprised when amazing artists regularly add some vocal to our locale.


    Where we smoke, there’s fire.



  • Say what? Two Kitchens?




    11081479_803136499779934_1347128764537974642_n (1)


    Want to welcome the new day with a home-cooked diner? Enjoy the sunset during breakfast? Craving a midnight lunch? Or feel like watching a movie on the flat-screen? You own our style in our inside kitchen!


    If you can’t stand the heat, turn on the fans or alternatively; may we suggest the outside kitchen?


    The kitchens have everything you possibly will ever need in your wildest dreams.


    Given your wildest dream is about traveling and not about owning a large restaurant-chain.




  • Jungle Sports Arena




    12046856_912385332188383_8779936576967048923_n (1)




    Futbol, Volleyball, Badminton, Wrestling, Formula 1, Polo, Rock-climbing, Cock-fights, Ballet, Mma, Monster-truck racing; there’s very few sports you cannot watch on your I-phone when you’re inside our fully lit jungle sports arena; Game on!


    Don’t like exercise?


    There’s plenty of room to set up a deep-fryer and enjoy the garden.

Oh Brother, Where Art We?

The Camp is located in Playa Samara, Guanacaste on the pacific coast of Costa Rica. The Camp is nestled in one of only five blue zones in the world. Blue zones are areas where people live longer, happier and healthier thanks to the thriving nature and clean air and water. Camp Supertramp is a stones’ throw away from the beautiful beaches of Samara, Izquierda and Buena Vista, or a fifteen-minute walk if you don’t have arms or choose not to throw stones for other reasons. Perhaps you live in a glass house or have friends that do.

Tell them about Camp Supertramp!

There are a supermarket, a bakery, a tipico restaurant/bar and a liquor-store a three minute walk away and Samara’s bar and restaurant area is within easy reach. Buena Vista offers great surf year round.

We care about your safety! However, some crappy bikes are available to guests. Most of the time at least and always free of charge. Cause they’re crap.

Camp Supertramp is a bohemian basecamp for surfers, surgeons, students, dropouts, professors, nappers, slackers, backpackers, artists, musicians, scientists, engineers and all other travellers that want to hide from reality, their parents or their children.



The Deets

  • Camp Supertramp S.A.
  • Established November 2014
  • 2300 Square Metre Footprint
  • 312 Trees and Plants
  • 1 Villa
  • 3 Dorms / 15 Beds
  • 1 Bungalow
  • 1 Dog / 2 Cats
  • 3 Bathrooms, 1 Outside Shower
  • 2 Kitchens
  • 1 Storage Room
  • 6 Hammocks
  • 12 Person Dining Area
  • Safe Drive-Way
  • Communal Sound System
  • Wi-Fi
  • Flatscreen
  • Much More
  • Find Us on Facebook, Instagram, Hostelworld and Tripadvisor




  • Location: Guanacaste Province / Nicoya Peninsula
  • International Airports> Liberia: 117 Km.  / San Jose: 291 Km.
  • Domestic Airport> Nosara: 34 Km.
  • Buses to/from San Jose:
  • Buses to/from Nicoya:
  • Car Rental>
  • There’s Only One?> Nope:
  • Inhabitants> Town: 1500 / District: 4100
  • Weather> Glorious
  • Vibe> Chill 
  • For Who?> Everyone
  • Sure?> Yup
  • Really?> Absolutely!
  • Is the picture on the left Playa Samara?> Oooooh Yeah!!!




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  • Thanks for the awesome stay, the place is rad.  Will be back some day.

    by Joel van der Marel
  • This establishment most certainly appears to be a hostel! And an exquisite one, if I may add.

    by Sir Royce van Dinero
  • The owner puts his heart and soul in to this place. Only started last year but only good vibes, great people and beautiful scenery year round. Visit them when you can!

    by Annemarie Diephuis
  • Had an awesome stay! CS is by far the coolest hostel I have ever stayed in. It caters to almost literally all tastes and needs, cant wait to go back!

    by Kas Knikkink
  • Mr. Supertramp, we have the results back from the lab. It appears to be herpes.

    by Dr. Zimmerdorf
  • We miss you Pookie!

    by mom
  • We had a good time, thanks Thomas!

    by Sam
  • Really nice place to hang out! You can do everything, but don’t have to. Became finally relax, out of the rush of daily life! The locals make you happy and the staff knows the good spots. PURA VIDA

    by Georgia

Beds, Anyone?


Our Beachy Boudoirs




It’s all about affordable personal space at the Camp. All of four dorms only sport four beds. We offer Hardwood everything, cealing fans swaying, linen so fine and dated it would make Marie-Antoinette purrrrrrrrr, lovely views and solid shut-eye. There’s plenty of fresh air going around thanks to our location between two beaches. We’re slightly out of town so no waking up to cars, bikes, horns or beats.

The monkeys, horses and cows got your wake-up call covered.

All mattrasses are new and thick and comfy and wifi reaches easily around the hostel.





Why not show your excitement about mother nature by pitching a tent?

We’re talking 2300 square metres of tropical bliss so plenty o’ camping spots, scattered around the jungle garden. Needless to say all the facilities are yours to use! We have a luggage room where you can store all your belongings safe and sound! You’re welcome.

Each area has night-time shade and perhaps even Wi-Fi.



We’ve got the info! We've got the van! We've got the style!








Camp Supertramp is only 1.4 kilometers (0.9 miles) and a very straight forward fifteen minute walk away from the bustle of Samara Town, or half that on a bike. Or double that on half a bike.


When arriving from Nicoya by bus just hop of at the stop after Samara Centre and you’ll be right around the corner. Simply follow the sign.


The direct bus from San Jose stops in the center of Samara .


From the town center you walk, cycle, float, drive or ride in the direction of playa Buena Vista, people will point it out, there’s only one road. You skip all the side streets and follow the main one. Where it turns unpaved you take a right. You’ll find Iguana Verde Supermarket on your right. Five-hundred meters on you’ll find a V in the road. Keep left, second property on the right is where you’ll find paradise!




Lazy? Okay with dropping a dollar or two? Whisper the following to your cab-driver: CAMP SUPERTRAMP: EN CAMINO BUENA VISTA, LA CASA ANTES DE ‘SAMARA PACIFIC LODGE’